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Old School Guitar Playing Andy

As an audio professional it is easy to feel bound to technology. A lot of time is often spend learning technology, updating technology, and applying technology to daily work. Add to this the other professional aspects of staying current and it becomes easy to lose track of what first brings one typically to this field. It is the ability to be an artist and create freely.

With life's daily detours it is easy to lose sight of what drives the media industry. It is the need and desire to express one's self through the creative process. It is important to remember to dedicate time not just to the craft of audio, but also to the creative process as a whole. For myself this means taking time to rediscover the joys of making music. Without musical content much of the audio business would be pointless. It is always worth dedicating some time to exploring music. For myself this means picking up the old guitar and going out the the woodshed. It also means being open to exploring new creative interests. A balanced musician and human plants the seeds for being a more balanced and creative audio engineer.

The next time you aren't sure what to do to find your creativity consider reinvesting some time and energy into exploring your creativity. Without creativity there would be no content to record. Remember, there are more way to express yourself than just turning buttons and moving faders as an audio engineer.

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